Burlington High School
Class of 1973 Scholarship
June 15, 2013
Fellow Classmates,										
As the years continue to fly by, and we take time to reunite as a class, be it at a formally organized class reunion, on Facebook, by 
email, phone, online chat, or at a "mini-reunion", one theme is clear:
So many of us have great memories of our ties to each other,
       throughout our school days in the Burlington area.
As you may know, many of our classmates are no longer with us and a list of their names is enclosed.  To honor those members of our 
class, a scholarship fund has been established in the name of "Class of 1973".    
This brand new fund is being managed by the Burlington Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization that benefits the 
Burlington Community School District.  This foundation will administer the scholarship and the scholarship committee at Burlington 
High School will be involved in the selection of recipients.  
Who would qualify for this money?  The scholarship committee at Burlington High School will determine the annual recipient of 
this award.  Criteria for BHS seniors who apply, will include citizenship, leadership and high moral character.    
How will the money be disbursed and when?  For each award, funds will be sent by the Burlington Educational Foundation 
and paid directly to the recipient's chosen college, university or trade school.  The first scholarship may be awarded as early as Spring, 
How much do we need to raise and what amount will be awarded?  There is no set amount we need to raise.  Your donation of any 
amount at anytime of the year will be appreciated.  The scholarship amount can be determined in three basic ways.  The disbursed 
amount each year can equal, (a) all of the fund's balance, (b) the interest only, or (c) any other amount that would allow the fund to 
continue to grow.  
How much is needed for the scholarship to funds itself?  Based upon current returns for scholarship investments it takes about 
$23,000 in principal to fund $500 annually from its interest. 
Who decides how much will be awarded from this fund each year?  The number and size of the scholarships will depend upon 
earnings.  It will also depend on advice from the Burlington Educational Foundation.
Who will formally present this award?  Each year, a member of our class will have the opportunity to present the scholarship to the 
recipient at the high school's annual awards assembly, the first Monday in May.     
How did this idea get started?  The idea for a scholarship in our class name has been discussed many times over the last 4 decades.  
The committee for our 20-year reunion (1993) began inquiring about this type of award and we thank that committee for planting the 
seed that is now producing results.  More recently, classmate Rollie Ford has spearheaded the drive to start this important fund.
Do not send checks to the reunion committee.  
Conduct all correspondence concerning your donation with the Burlington Educational Foundation.  
Note:  This is a non-profit organization and many employers will match your donation.  
You have the option to name the classmate(s) you wish to honor with your donation.